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    • EPDM Rubber Extrusion Seals
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      EPDM Rubber Extrusion Seals

      Rubber sealing strips are mainly made from EPDM. They are widely used in car door and window sealing, luggage compartment sealing, engine cover cushion liner, lighting, engine shockproof, instruments sealing, plastic steel and wooden doors for shock absorption, waterproof, dust proof, and...
    • Fuel Tank Rubber Straps
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      Fuel Tank Rubber Straps

      Fuel tank rubber straps are made from black EPDM. They can prevent metal-to-metal wear between the straps and fuel tank due to vibrations. They also prohibit annoying squeaks when removing and re-installing the tank for repair or replacing it. Any size can be supplied according to your requirements.
    • EPDM Rubber Extrusion Profiles
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      EPDM Rubber Extrusion Profiles

      EPDM rubber extrusion profiles are mainly made from EPDM. They are widely used in sound insulation and moisture, various mechanical equipment and residential noise wall sealing, electrical waterproof moisture sealing, all kinds of mechanical equipment moisture sealing, etc.).
    • Extruded Rubber Fenders
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      Extruded Rubber Fenders

      Extruded rubber fender is a kind of small size fender, extruded by rubber for different demands, used for all kinds of boats and machines protection. The biggest section we could extrude is 250mm x 250mm.
    • Colorful Extrusion Profiles
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      Colorful Extrusion Profiles

      Colorful extrusion profiles are mainly made from Silicone, PVC, TPR with different colors. They are widely used in aluminium alloy door, wooden door, cold storage door, grain depot door, anti flaming doors and windows, glass sealing strip, automatic revolving door, building door, curtain wall...
    • Glazing Seals
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      Glazing Seals

      Glazing seals are generally made from EPDM and PVC, molded by microwave vulcanization process, with smooth and beautiful surface and good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation. They are mainly used for fixing the glass and metal plate to make them tight, and with good effects of...
    • Glazing Gaskets
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      Glazing Gaskets

      Glazing gaskets, generally made from EPDM and PVC, are mainly used for fixing the glass and metal plate to make them tight, and with good effects of sound insulation,dust prevention, and waterproof.
    • Flocked Window Channel
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      Flocked Window Channel

      Flocked window channel are generally made from EPDM,PVC,coated with electrostatic flocking. It is mainly used in all kinds of automobile windows for sound insulation, dust prevention, and waterproof.
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