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    Glazing Gaskets
    Glazing gaskets, generally made from EPDM and PVC, are mainly used for fixing the glass and metal plate to make them tight, and with good effects of sound insulation,dust prevention, and waterproof.
    Product Details:

    Product descriptions:

    Material: EPDM or PVC

    Hardness : Shore A 50-80

    Operating temperature: -30-150 ℃

    Color: Black

    Surface Handling: Generally no special requirement.

    Industrial application: Building and construction, Automotive industry, Electric, Engineering and Machinery, etc.

    Custom made: Drawings, samples, OEM and ODM are all accepted.


    1. Lightweight and has a strong toughness.

    2. Insulation, and Low thermal conductivity, of superior thermal insulation.

    3. Excellent resistance to Ozone, UV, chemicals, weather, aging. 

    Packing &delivery:

    Packing method

    Packed by cartons, cartons on pallets.

    Delivery (trade) terms


    Payment terms

    T/T, L/C.

    Order delivery time

    2-4 weeks, according to your order quantity.


    3000 Meters per order.


    where is the rubber sealing strip mainly used for?

    1. Packaging materials (precision machinery, medical equipment, furniture, glass and other transport buffer materials, small appliances with protective cushioning material, etc.)

    2. Civil engineering, construction (residential large panel caulking materials, residential doors and windows sealing materials, concrete shrinkage lining materials, open channel waterway caulking materials, various civil construction caulking materials, etc.)

    3. Vehicles, ships (door sealing materials, luggage compartment sealing materials, engine cover cushion liner, a variety of pipe sealing materials, lighting materials, engine shockproof materials, instruments such as buffer and sealing materials, etc.)

    4. Thermal insulation, insulation (heat changers and air conditioners sealed materials, refrigerators and freezers heat sealing materials, etc.)

    5. Sound insulation, moisture (noise of various mechanical equipment sealing materials, residential noise wall sealing materials, all kinds of electrical 

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