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    EPDM Rubber Extrusion Seals
    Rubber sealing strips are mainly made from EPDM. They are widely used in car door and window sealing, luggage compartment sealing, engine cover cushion liner, lighting, engine shockproof, instruments sealing, plastic steel and wooden doors for shock absorption, waterproof, dust proof, and soundproof.
    Product Details:

    Product descriptions:

    Material: EPDM

    Hardness : Shore A 20-80

    Operating temperature: -50-150 ℃

    Color: Black, White, Gray, Red, Green ,Yellow,etc

    Surface Handling: Generally no special requirement.

    Industrial application: Door and window, Building and construction, Automotive industry, Electric, Engineering and Machinery,etc

    Custom made: Drawings, samples, OEM and ODM are all accepted.


    1. Non-toxic, and no harmful chemicals,environmental protection.

    2. Buffer impact performance is excellent, can be used as a cushioning material.

    3. EPDM has excellent weatherability, weatherability refers to long-term anti-cold, hot, dry, wet capacity, erosion of rain and snow have excellent corrosion resistance.

    4. Heat aging refers to a strong resistance to heat aging of the air. Can be used for a long time at 100-130 ℃, 140-150 ℃ for a long period of time can also maintain effective physical properties, a short period of time can withstand 230-260 ℃ high temperature.

    Packing &delivery:

    Packing method

    Packed by cartons, cartons on pallets.

    Delivery (trade) terms


    Payment terms

    T/T, L/C.

    Order delivery time

    2-4 weeks, according to your order quantity.


    3000 Meters per order.


    How many kinds of sealing strips are for the door and window?

    Door and window sealing strips are divided into glass sealing strips, door leaf sealing strips and top sealing strips. Glass sealing strips are used for the sealing between glass and fan and frame.

    The door leaf sealing strip is mainly used for door and door frame between the seal, the top sealing strip is mainly used for the seal between the frame and the fan. Rubber sealing strip is an essential part in the production and installation of plastic steel doors and windows, broken aluminum doors and windows, and wooden doors.

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