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  • Two Classifications Of Rubber Products
    Dec 07, 2017

    Rubber products are the main material is rubber, and then after processing to get the final finished rubber products rubber products are characterized by a special high elasticity, excellent wear-resisting, damping, insulation and sealing performance. Rubber industry produces rubber products of various kinds and specifications.

    Here is a description of the two categories, one type of tire classification, category is classified by industrial products: first, tire rubber Products: tire Rubber Products: ① motor tires-including truck tires, car tires, engineering tires, industrial tires, agricultural machinery tires, motorcycle tires, etc. ② non-motor tyres-including bicycle tyres, Force tyres , horse tires, truck tires, etc. ③ special tires-including aviation tires, artillery tires, tank tires, etc.

    Rubber Industrial Products Rubber Products: rubber industrial Products Category Rubber Products: ① Tape-transport belt, conveyor belts and so on; ② Hose-CLAMP cloth HOSE, braided hose, winding hose, knitted hose, special hose, etc. ③ model products-rubber seals, damping parts, etc. ④ products-pure hose, door and window seals, all kinds of rubber profiles; ⑤ Fabric products-life and protective fabric products (such as raincoats), industrial adhesive products (such as mine-use air duct), transportation and storage products (such as oil tanks), lifesaving products (such as life rafts), etc. ⑥ cots: printing and dyeing cots, printing cots, paper cots, etc. ⑦ hard plastic Products: electrical insulating products (battery shell), chemical anti-corrosion lining, Micro-pore Hard glue (microporous clapboard), etc. ⑧ rubber insulating products-wire, cable, etc. ⑨ gum milk products-impregnated products, sponge, pressing products, injection molding products, etc.