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  • Rubber Rose Sharply
    Dec 07, 2017

    January 2017, the rubber and plastic market rose much less, presenting characteristics: Polarization is obvious, rubber is strong, plastic is weak, the plastic is strong, general plastics weak. The rubber and plastics industry index rose from 860 to 902, up 42 points. On the one hand, the cost side of each other in the downstream rubber and plastic products have influence; On the other hand, January rubber supply side still performance is too tight, manufacturers to limit production and overhaul strength, plastic supply pressure is generally small; the overall performance of the demand side of the downturn, especially in the plastic field, the festive

    The January 2017 Business Society's commodity Supply and Demand Index (BCI), which was 0.17, rose to 1.87%, reflecting the economy's expansion in the manufacturing sector last month and its economy running smoothly. January 2017 commodity price fluctuation list in the rubber and plastic plate in a total of 13 kinds of goods, of which more than 5% of the total 6 kinds of goods, accounted for the number of products monitored 27.3%; the first 3 of the goods were styrene-butadiene rubber (1502) (26.99%), Butadiene Rubber (23.34%), Natural Rubber (superscript) (16.24%). A total of 8 products fell in the chain, the first 3 were LDPE (-4.46%), PP (wire Drawing) (-3.36%), Bopp film (-2.72%). This month's average price is 4.58%. Rubber still performance eye-catching supply and cost side is now double positive. January Rubber Market Rally good, rubber index from early 858 to the end of 988 points, the overall rose 130 points. From the list of ups and downs, the January rubber industry rose mainly concentrated in synthetic rubber, nr. According to monitoring: Styrene Butadiene Rubber (26.99%), BR (23.34%), nr (16.24%).