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  • New Standard For Composite Rubber Causes Industry Concern
    Dec 07, 2017

    The new composite rubber standard, to be implemented on July 1, will be closed to the entrance of the compound glue. So, in the near view is the import of natural rubber ton use cost increased by 1500 yuan (note: The technical classification of Natural rubber import tariffs from 2015 to 20% or 1500 yuan/ton, both from the low), far look will aggravate the global oversupply of natural rubber, but unfavorable to the price of plastic. In this way, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of increasing the income of rubber farmers, but also make tire enterprises very injured. At the recent 2015 Annual meeting of China rubber, many companies have said that the new revised "Composite Rubber general technical Specifications" will bring a "0 and game" concerns.

    1.6 million tons of composite rubber imports without door industry cost increase of 2.4 billion yuan

    China strategy Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Shen Jinrong gave such a set of data: 2014, the Chinese natural rubber supply, the import of technical classification of natural rubber 2.61 million tons, imports of compound plastic 1.6 million tons, domestic natural rubber 850,000 tons. No more than 88% of the new provisions of raw materials, so that the composite plastic can no longer be used as a traditional rubber material directly, in fact, closed the door of China's composite rubber imports. If the simple method of calculation, 1.6 million tons of imported composite rubber to the technical classification of natural rubber imports, and class to 1500 yuan/ton of tariffs, China's rubber processing enterprises annual costs will increase by 2.4 billion yuan.

    "The United States of China's light truck tires, car tires ' double anti-' effect has been shown, domestic tire enterprises to start the rate of rapid decline." The new composite rubber standard, which has been implemented since July 1, will have a huge impact on China's tire industry, and its impact will likely outweigh the negative effects of all the other external factors. Shen Jinrong said anxiously.

    In fact, the economic benefits of Chinese tyre companies are slipping. Deng, president of the China Rubber Industry Association, said: "The main economic indicators for leading product tyres are now falling, especially in product sales and profits." The only index that does not fall is inventory, and the sharp rise in inventories is one of the most intuitive manifestations of business difficulties. According to the statistics of member enterprises in the Oak Association, 2015 1 ~ February Meridian Tire Production fell 5% year-on-year, and the export delivery value fell by 9%.

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