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  • Japanese Researchers Have Developed A Conductive Rubber That Can Be Used To Create Electronic Skin.
    Dec 07, 2017

    BEIJING, August 12, Japanese researchers said 12th that they have developed a conductive rubber, the research and development results for the future can be covered in the robot, the scalable electronic skin E-skin can feel heat and pressure.

    According to the Central News Agency, the University of Tokyo said it was the first time in the world to solve the problem of metals that are electrically conductive but not able to stretch;

    GOULONGF, a professor at the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Engineering, says the new technology is as resilient as ordinary rubber, but the conductivity is 570 times times that of commercial rubber containing carbide particles.

    This product, if used on a metal wire, can be a flexible integrated circuit that pulls the original size up to 1.7 times times, winding on a curved surface without causing a major change in mechanical damage or electrical conductivity.

    One of the applications is to make artificial skin for robots. Team members say that as robots begin to enter our daily lives, they must have sensors like humans all over the body.

    He said: "Imagine that when a robot takes care of a small baby, he must be able to feel the baby's body temperature, heat and pressure, just like normal people, otherwise it is dangerous." 

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