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  • How To Reduce The Cost In The Production Of Rubber Products
    Dec 07, 2017

    PVC Highly effective toughening agent is mainly aimed at the high cost of plastic products, low impact strength, poor resistance to aging, smoothness and other related problems developed first, the product in the basic structure and the principle of action with the current more commonly used calcium carbonate and other filling materials than the essential difference, It effectively solves the technical problem that the application of inorganic powders results in a large increase of PVC product density and a significant decrease in mechanical properties.

    Second, PVC high efficiency toughening agent, there is a type of resin or the effect of class elastomer. It is a highly effective and excellent hard PVC filler and toughening modifier. It has compatible, coupling, crosslinking, toughening, reinforcing, promoting plasticizing, improve mechanical processing, fluidity, increase the filling capacity of inorganic fillers and other functions. This product can combine the incompatible material (the inorganic filler and the PVC resin) tightly together through the solid chemical bond, thus greatly enhances the compatibility between the inorganic filler and the PVC.

    Third, the practice proved that the appropriate amount of PVC filled with high efficiency toughening agent, the density of PVC products has no obvious change, product tensile strength, impact toughness and elastic modulus have been improved, PVC formulation system of the dispersed properties, processing performance, product toughness and strength of the mechanical properties have been significantly improved, and can significantly reduce production costs, Excellent comprehensive performance. A new way to reduce production cost and improve product quality has been opened up for PVC processing enterprises.