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  • Do You Know The Service Life Of Automobile Rubber Parts?
    Dec 07, 2017

    How long is your car's rubber parts used? Have you checked the car rubber parts to the replacement period? Today, let's talk about cars. Rubber parts in the end when should be replaced ~


    Generally in the normal use of the case, the life of the tires in 3 years or so, mileage of about 60,000 kilometers, of course, also with the car often driving road, if the vehicle often take dirt road, the relative tire wear faster, the replacement cycle is shorter.

    Brake Pads

    Brake pads generally to 4S shop maintenance, maintenance Master will be routinely inspected, the first replacement in 40,000 kilometers, don't be fooled.

    air filter

    The air dust sucked into the engine work will speed up the wear of the piston group and the cylinder, also be replaced periodically, about 20,000 kilometers or 1 years.


    Different models of wiper quality, affected by external factors caused by the deformation of the film is not the same as the aging, if the wiper occurs in a timely manner to change the situation.

    After reading the article hurriedly check your car, see if the automobile rubber parts to the replacement period, security no trivial, urgent!