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    Dec 07, 2017

    Recently, China's rubber material synthesis field of renowned scholars, domestic and foreign rubber research and production enterprises well-known experts, tires and other rubber products industry technical experts and other professionals in the market research to sum up, exchange of China's rubber new materials research and development, production and application of the situation, The development trend and market prospect of rubber materials in China are prospected.

    Our country already has the condition which constructs the tire test field, the tire enterprise's enthusiasm is unprecedented high, moreover already acted, some private investment group also very optimistic about this project. In view of the huge investment in the construction of the tire testing field and the high maintenance cost, it is difficult to maintain in the case of insufficient testing. It is suggested that, based on the prior risk assessment of the specialized agencies, the country-led, association participation, start to start the construction of the domestic public-oriented, service-wide tire testing field.

    China Rubber Industry Association Rubber Material Professional committee Secretary General Wang Fengju briefly introduced the world rubber capacity distribution changes in the past 10 years and product development trends, reminding related industries concerned about product and capacity development structure issues.