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  • Introduction of rubber extruder in China
    Dec 07, 2017

    Rubber extruder is an important mechanical equipment in the process of making rubber and plastic products, in the case of increasing demand of the market, Balata Extruder is also constantly developing in the innovation, and continuously improve the quality and technical content of products to meet the growing demand of the market and users.

    China's rubber extruder products with high efficiency, energy-saving advantages, the cost-effective is also very high, in the export to some developed countries, mainly in the low-end, in the technical innovation and some developed countries still have a certain gap, and this is the industry needs to strive for direction. Therefore, our country rubber extruder still has the very big development, the market space.

    Now, for many industries, its main direction of development is information, internationalization, green, which is also a trend of development of the Times, so, in the face of this trend, rubber extruder industry to meet the trend of the times, to adapt to it, and constantly to the direction of development, Make China's rubber extruder industry to truly international market. This kind of development trend is not only a kind of challenge, but also a kind of development opportunity, only if we try to seize it, can we break through and develop.

    Some developed countries in the extruder industry has begun to adopt modern electronic and computer control technology, so that the entire extrusion process of the extruder to detect, a variety of data monitoring, in addition, some enterprises also used on-line remote monitoring, diagnosis and control, extrusion molding production line network control, Not only improve the process of the smooth progress, but also improve the accuracy of its operation.

    In the technology innovation, our country extruder industry also must unceasingly diligently development, believed in the industry enterprise's endeavor, our country extruding machine profession will unceasingly obtain the breakthrough.

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