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  • Influence factors of rubber viscosity
    Dec 07, 2017

    Influence factors of viscosity

    First, raw materials: (sulphur, stearic acid, old agent, etc., bonding system, viscosity-adding agent korsin>sp1068>escorez1102>c5, NR>SR)

    II. Formula:

    ●The adjacent parts formula use the same resin as possible

    Increase of inorganic fillers may increase viscosity compared with carbon black

    ●Increased stearic acid content may reduce viscosity

    ●adhesive resin, insoluble sulfur and other uses

    Three, the process of refining rubber:

    ●ensure the dispersion of all raw materials should be as homogeneous as possible, add dispersant EF56 (such as pressure, correct temperature of the glue, etc.). In particular, the addition of viscose resin time control, so that the softening of the viscosity-adding agent can be evenly dispersed, otherwise, only the equivalent of the filler in the plastic material can not be displayed its viscosity.



    ●Scorch Time

    IV. Calendering Process:

    ●Temperature (stable, including cooling water, speed, forced cooling device to reduce the high temperature section but not cold, thin semi-finished products relative to cold faster to avoid water film, coiling temperature to be low; in the case of no impact on efficiency, pock, etc., the lower the temperature (including coiling) the better)

    ●AVOID the extruder dissatisfaction, that is, the introduction of air.

    ●back to the use of sericin (appropriate proportions, too much or too little will affect the quality and stickiness). When the back-sericin is close to scorch, the bubbles and non-stick are significantly increased.

    ●Calender Roll Temperature setting

    ●Knife Incision

    ●Components pollution (including runner, die Plate, pre-mouth, roller, etc.), joint parts of poor quality, joint connection is not secure, rolling uneven or not real, and so on, will also affect the viscous between the components

    ●Mortar Concentration

    ●Supplementary processing (reduce Mooney, spread evenly)

    ●components have water, oil, bubble

    ●Cooling Water


    ●Air Salt

    ●Fatigue Viscosity


    Five, storage conditions: including Masterbatch, semi-finished products parking time, plastic and semi-finished materials should be cool storage, moisture-proof.