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  • GB change of compound rubber material
    Dec 07, 2017

    China is the development of the compound rubber GB, and the compound rubber in the content of the raw Gum limited to 88% of the news, not only in the domestic uproar, but also caused by the Southeast Asian countries of rubber-producing country of great concern. According to the latest news, the Thai Rubber Association has reported to the Thai government official letter, stating the impact of China's rubber industry on the changes in the rubber standard, the Thai government also wrote to China's Ministry of Commerce for enquiries. Then, the changes in the national standard of rubber will give China's rubber industry in the middle and lower reaches of what impact? The world's largest manufacturer of rubber manufacturers Thailand Poetry Dong Rubber Co., Ltd. China general manager Li Shijiang from the rubber industry in China, the current situation and the future of the links, do a carding and analysis, today this article presents his views to the reader.

    In the past 10 years, the global rubber industry in China's booming market and the continued expansion of the global automobile markets, has won the gold development of 10, in this cycle, the upper and lower reaches of the rapid development.

    Upstream, whether it is farming or processing industry and the middle of two of the business, have achieved the fastest growth in history. 2004 Global Natural Rubber production is only more than 8 million tons, while 2014 reached nearly 12 million tons, the Chinese market 2004 years consumption is only 1.5 million tons, while 2014 reached about 4.5 million tons.

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