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    Dec 07, 2017

    With the development of social science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, all kinds of transportation, industrial construction, FDN, and the need of advances, the development of automobile industry is very rapid. Especially in our country is a straight upward trend, before the high Rachel private car, now has entered the people's home, ordinary workers have their own RV * * has been often.

    China has become the world's motor vehicle manufacturing and consumption power. According to the relevant data released by the Ministry of Public Security, by the end of 2014, China's motor vehicle holdings amounted to 264 million vehicles, of which 154 million vehicles. In the last five years, the average increase in motor vehicles was 15 million. The single passenger car amounted to 117 million vehicles, of which the private sedan amounted to 105 million vehicles. Now the national average of every hundred households have exceeded the first 25 units, of which Beijing has nearly 70, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other big cities, each hundred households have more than 40 units. The huge automobile consumer market, not only has carried on the mechanical and the electromechanical industry, has also carried the rubber industry the development and the innovation. As long as there is car manufacturing, there is a rubber accessories unlimited business Opportunities.

    As we all know, automobiles are inseparable from rubber. A car in addition to the most easy to see the tire rubber products, other kinds of rubber material accessories more! The average of each car's rubber accessories up to more than 100 kinds, the number of 200 to 500, its consumption of glue can reach 60 kilograms. Automotive Rubber Products Accessories, accounted for about 6% of the car assembly. Rubber parts for automobiles, except the tires are bulky, other rubber products are small parts, but are installed in the key parts, such as automobile engine, gearbox, axle and other parts to use oil seals, but small rubber seal is to ensure that these components of the normal work of the key, for the car safety, durable use escort, so said, Rubber accessories are called "functional cells" of automobiles.