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    • Auto Rubber Extrusion Profiles
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      Auto Rubber Extrusion Profiles

      Automotive rubber extrusion profiles have good elasticity and compression deformation, ageing resistance, ozone resistance, chemical action, Wide operating temperature range(- 40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃) of EPDM foam rubber (EPDM) compounded with solid EPDM, with metal fixture and tongue clasp insert, it is...
    • Auto Door Rubber Seals
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      Auto Door Rubber Seals

      Auto door rubber seals are co-extruded from solid EPDM/soft PVC with sponge EPDM, generally the steel clips insert to help gripping. Sponge part are used for shock absorption, sound insulation,dust prevention. Unique formula designed to EPDM rubber seals have a superior anti-aging, high and low...
    • Rubber Edge Trim Seals
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      Rubber Edge Trim Seals

      Rubber Edge Trim seals are mainly made from flexible EPDM, with steel clips insert and gripping tongues to help grip the plates more tightly. They are widely used for protection or decoration of sharp edges, sheet metal, glasses, car, sports equipment, etc.
    • Container Rubber Seal Strip
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      Container Rubber Seal Strip

      Container seal strips are mainly used for container door frame seal. According to their functions, they can be divided into weather seals( it is used for general containers) and gas-tight tape (insulation container). According to their section they can be divided into "J" type, "C" type, "CO"...
    • Container Door Rubber Gaskets
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      Container Door Rubber Gaskets

      Container door rubber gaskets are made from solid EPDM and soft PVC. They are widely used for reefer container,dry cargo containers,railway container for heat insulation,airtight and watertight.
    • Molded or Injection Corner Gaskets
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      Molded or Injection Corner Gaskets

      Molded or injection corner gaskets are made from molded or injection machine with special mold to make extrusion profiles to annular, square or other shapes. EPDM, PVC, Silicone strips or other rubber extrusions are commonly used according to different requirements.
    • PVC Edge Trims
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      PVC Edge Trims

      PVC Edge Trims are made from flexible PVC, with steel clips insert and gripping tongues to help grip the plates more tightly, PVC Edge Trims is widely used to many industries for protection or decoration.
    • Cabinet Door Sealing Strips
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      Cabinet Door Sealing Strips

      Cabinet door sealing strips are made from EPDM rubber or PVC with a metal insert, the standard profiles offers many different types to suit all sorts of cabinet and manufacturers.
    • Rubber Clamping Profiles
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      Rubber Clamping Profiles

      Rubber clamping profiles are made from EPDM rubber or PVC with a metal insert. Easy for installment and stable. Can provide a good waterproof, sound insulation, dust proof, shock absorption, keeping warm and energy-saving.
    • Fire Proof Rubber Seals
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      Fire Proof Rubber Seals

      Fire-proof rubber seals are made from soft EPDM or soft PVC, with fire retardant. They are mainly used for doors or windows for fire-proof. Other functions include sound insulation, dust proof, anti freezing, shock absorption, warm keeping and energy saving.
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